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Minor in Theatre

The Theatre minor is a multidisciplinary program that introduces students to the profession and practice of theatre and theatre-making through courses in performance, production, and design. Broadly, the minor engages students in two primary tracks of study: acting/directing and playwriting/scriptwriting.

Students minoring in theatre are required to complete 18 credits for the minor, which includes an introductory course in acting (THTR 100), 3 credits in an introductory course in drama/performance studies (THTR 110 or THTR 120), 9 credits in their selected track, and 3 credits in a final performance lab (THTR 350).

The acting/directing track of the minor program introduces students to acting in a concentrated and comprehensive manner. The primary components for the acting/directing track explores contemporary acting techniques and performance styles, and provides a strong foundation for students to pursue future opportunities in all aspects of theatre. While the acting/directing track introduces students to diverse approaches to acting, students also gain an in-depth understanding of objective-based acting. Built into the minor program are numerous opportunities for students to perform and to form a working theater company (THTR 350, Acting III/Performance Lab).

The playwriting/scriptwriting track of the minor program engages students in the creation of new work in a variety of writing styles. Students can choose to write for stage, film, and/or TV. Students can also hone their skills in writing performance poetry and devising new works through collaborative writing processes. Participants in the playwriting/scriptwriting track will be introduced to general principles of acting and drama through the introductory courses (THTR 100, THTR 110, THTR 120). The balance of the program includes taking 9 additional credits in performative writing styles and enrolling in THTR 350, Acting III/Performance Lab. This lab serves as an opportunity to showcase the work of students in the playwriting/scriptwriting track through productions created as part of the class.

Theatre Minor Guidelines

  1. The College of Mount Saint Vincent’s Theatre Minor is organized and contracted between the Director of Theatre and Performance Programs and the interested student.
  2. Students who have already earned a grade of C or better in courses required to complete the minor may receive credit toward their certification of minor completion. Such retroactive application of previously earned credit toward the minor must be approved and advised by the Director of Theatre and Performance Programs.
  3. Students wishing to complete the minor and enroll in THTR 350 (by permission only) are required to complete a Theatre Minor contract, or receive permission to enroll from the Director of Theatre and Performance Programs. Outside of this variation on THTR 350, all courses listed as part of the Theatre minor are governed by whatever prerequisites required for the course (e.g., THTR 100 for THTR 200) and would be open to all Mount students who successfully completed the prerequisite requirement.
  4. It is the responsibility of the student to deliver the completed Theatre Minor contract to the Office of the Registrar and to his/her academic advisor. Once the student delivers the Theatre Minor contract to the Registrar, he/she will be given a minor declaration form to complete. Once this is signed by the Director of Theatre and Performance Programs, the student, and his/her academic advisor, the student will then return this form to the Registrar and they will update the student’s academic transcript to reflect a Theatre Minor.
  5. Once a student is a declared Theatre Minor, he/she should meet regularly with the Director of Theatre and Performance Programs to stay on track toward the completion of the minor.

Upon completion of all requirements for the theatre minor, the meeting of the requirements will be verified by the Director of Theatre and Performance Programs and certified by the Registrar.

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