B.A. in Biology/M.S. in Adolescent and Special Education - College of Mount Saint Vincent
Division of Natural Sciences

B.A. in Biology/M.S. in Adolescent and Special Education

Degree Requirements

In conjunction with the Department of Teacher Education, the Division of Natural Sciences offers a joint B.A. in Biology/M.S. in Adolescent and Special Education degree. Students interested in this program should apply through the Department of Teacher Education during their freshman year.

Students will complement their biology degree with six carefully-selected teacher education courses, which will align with the College’s dual certification master’s program, enabling them to pursue the first full term of graduate coursework while on the undergraduate level.

College Core Requirements 40 credits*
Biology Major 55 credits
    Biology Core Courses 19 credits
    BIOL 111-112 General Biology I and II (8 credits)
    BIOL 217 Genetics (4 credits)
    BIOL 223 Ecology (4 credits)
    BIOL 403-404 Biology Colloquium (3 credits)
    BIOL Electives 11 credits
    Cognate Requirements 25 credits 
    CHEM 120-121 General Chemistry (8 credits)
    CHEM 219-220 Organic Chemistry (6 credits)
    MATH 102 Mathematical Modeling (3 credits)
    PHYS 207-208 General Physics (8 credits)
Education Courses 18 credits
    EDUC 211 Education and Society (3 credits)
    EDUC 340 Introduction to Students with Disabilities (3 credits)
    EDUC 502 Foundation of Urban and Multicultural        Education (3 credits)
    EDUC 506 Language, Cognitive Development, and  Cultural Diversity (3 credits)
    EDUC 513 Psychology of Teaching and Learning* (3 credits)
    EDUC 712 Strategies of Inclusion of Special Learners (3 credits)
General Electives 7 credits
TOTAL 120 credits

*Nine core credits in Natural Science and Mathematics may be satisfied with major requirements.

*Students entering the Adolescent Education Certification program should consult with their academic and education advisors to determine selection of core courses needed to fulfill New York State Department of Education requirements for certification.

Sample Program

B.A. in Biology (120 credits)

Year 1

ENGL 110 Writing in Context I (fall) 3 credits
ENGL 120 Writing in Context II (spring) 3 credits
FSEM 115 Freshman Seminar 1 credit
MATH 102 Mathematical Modeling 3 credits
Core Courses 6 credits
CHEM 120-121 General Chemistry I and II 8 credits
BIOL 111-112 General Biology I and II 8 credits
TOTAL 32 credits

Year 2

Modern Language and Literature Core 6 credits
BIOL 223 Ecology 4 credits
BIOL 217 Genetics 4 credits
CHEM 219-220 Organic Chemistry I and II 6 credits
Core Courses 3 credits
EDUC 211 Education and Society 3 credits
EDUC 340 Intro to Students with Disabilities 3 credits
TOTAL 29 credits

Year 3

Core Courses 6 credits
BIOL Electives 3 credits
PHYS 207-208 General Physics 8 credits
EDUC 502 Foundation of Urban and Multicultural Education 3 credits
EDUC 506 Language, Cognitive Development, and Cultural Diversity 3 credits
Electives 7 credits
TOTAL 30 credits

Year 4

Core Courses 12 credits
BIOL 403-404 Biology Colloquium 3 credits
BIOL Electives 8 credits
EDUC 513 Psychology of Teaching and Learning* 3 credits
EDUC 712 Strategies for Inclusion of Special Learners 3 credits
TOTAL 30 credits

Total Credits for B.A. degree – 120

Please view the requirements for the M.S. degree below: