B.A./M.S. in Education - College of Mount Saint Vincent
Department of Teacher Education

B.A./M.S. in Education

This intensive, clinically rich Teacher Education program provides the foundation for a successful teaching career.

Our graduate programs combine certification in Childhood or Adolescent Education with crucially-needed certification in Special Education and/or TESOL, in order to ensure you the strongest preparation for teaching the students of today.

As an undergraduate, you will enter an accelerated pathway to our Dual Certification Masters. This program enables you to complete the first 12 credits of your graduate Teacher Education degree while you complete your Bachelor degree in your content area.

In addition to your academic major, you will take the following six Teacher Education courses:

  • Sophomore Year
    • EDUC 211 Education and Society (3)
    • EDUC 340 Introduction to Students with Disabilities (3)
  • Junior Year
    • EDUC 502 Foundation of Urban and Multicultural Education (3)
    • EDUC 506 Language, Cognitive Development, and Cultural Diversity (3)
  • Senior Year
    • EDUC 513 Psychology of Teaching and Learning* (3)
    • EDUC 712 Strategies for Inclusion of Special Learners (3)
      *Students who have already completed EDUC 212 will instead take a special topics course.

This curriculum is designed to ensure intensive immersion in your academic major courses, which serve as the bedrock of your education, while simultaneously providing you with the introductory skills and knowledge needed for a strong foundation in Teacher Education, ready to successfully articulate into one of our Dual Certification Masters Programs:

Please note: Undergraduates seeking to enter this accelerated path should meet with the Chair of Teacher Education prior to their Sophomore year. Junior and Senior students are also welcome to enter this accelerated pathway, as the timetable may be adjusted based on your needs.

Degree Requirements for Students Currently Enrolled in the B.A./M.S. in Urban and Multicultural Education Program