Communication Design - College of Mount Saint Vincent
Division of Communication, Art, and Media

Communication Design

The specialization provides practical and conceptual foundations in areas of design thinking, creative visualization, software and programming that also support stylistic and aesthetic decisions.

Complete five courses selected from this list:

COMM 301 Video Field Production (3 credits)
COMM 302 Video Post Production and Editing (3 credits)
COMM 303 Sound Design (3 credits)
COMM 304 Cinematics and Motion Graphics (3 credits)
COMM 309 Image Design with Photoshop (3 credits)
COMM 343 Intro to Advertising (3 credits)
COMM 346 Information Arts (3 credits)
COMM 347 Experimental Media (3 credits)
COMM 348 Sound Arts (3 credits)
COMM 402 Animation (3 credits)
COMM 403 Interactive Design (3 credits)
COMM 418 Creative Advertising Strategies (3 credits)
COMM 440 Digital Matte Painting (3 credits)