Media and Culture - College of Mount Saint Vincent
Division of Communication, Art, and Media

Media and Culture

This specialization takes up the broad questions surrounding the cultural premises behind the everyday circulation, production and reception of contemporary media and its effects.

Complete five courses selected from this list:

COMM 331 Media Criticism (3 credits)
COMM 332 Media Programming and Management (3 credits)
COMM 333 New Media and Society (3 credits)
COMM 334 Political Communication (3 credits)
COMM 351 Intercultural Communication (3 credits)
COMM 353 Interpersonal Communication (3 credits)
COMM 346 Information Arts (3 credits)
COMM 370 Topics in Communication and Gender (3 credits)
COMM 380 Film as Art (3 credits)
COMM 381 American Film (3 credits)
COMM 384 Film Criticism (3 credits)
COMM 385 International Cinema (3 credits)
COMM 386 Major Filmmakers (3 credits)