Minor in Art History - College of Mount Saint Vincent
Division of Communication, Art, and Media

Minor in Art History

The Minor in Art History is integrated in the College’s liberal arts curriculum. The minor is designed to give undergraduate students an introduction to the history of art and the methodologies art historians use to analyze and understand works of art in historical and contemporary contexts. Students are required to take 18 credits of art history courses as specified in the appended curriculum.

Requirements for the Minor in Art History

Required Course
ART 230 Art of Art History
Select 2 of the following
ART 112 Learning to Look
ART 113 Ways of Seeing
ART 114 History of Art III
Select 3 of the following
ART 202 Art of Africa, Oceania, and America
ART 215 Fieldwork Abroad
ART 313 Nineteenth-Century Art
ART 314 Modern Art
ART 340 Shadows and Light: History of Photography
ART 428 Independent Fine Arts Study
ART 435 Current Trends
ART 436 Topics in Art
ART 475 Internship