CMSV | Sara Schenirer Graduate Academic Calendar

Summer 2020

April 22 Wednesday First day of class
April 29 Wednesday Final day to add/drop
May 20 Wednesday Final day to withdraw (W)
May 28 Thursday Erev Shavuos – no classes
June 30 Tuesday Last day of class

Fall 2020

September 6 Sunday First day of class
September 20 – October 12 Sunday – Monday Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur/
Sukkos vacation
December 7 Monday Last day of class

Spring 2021

January 3 Sunday First day of class
One Week at the
End of January (TBD)
February 25 Thursday Purim vacation
March 18 Thursday Last day of class

Summer 2021

April 11 Sunday First day of classes
May 16 – May 18 Sunday – Tuesday Shavuos Vacation
June 30 Wednesday Last day of class