M.B.A. – Comprehensive Track

Students who select this option build a program of advanced study in consultation with their faculty advisor. Eighteen credits are selected from among the full portfolio of courses offered in the M.B.A. program on the 600-level. The program of study is approved by the Program Director and through this option, students can tailor their advanced coursework in the M.B.A. program to match career goals, professional interests, and the challenges of their current positions. Graduate students planning careers in such areas as nonprofit management, public service, and policy advocacy are able to complete advanced work tied directly to the challenges of the professional life to which they aspire.

The M.B.A. degree requires the completion of 60 credits.

I. The Business Core/
Common Professional Component
30 credits
MBA 501 Managerial Accounting
MBA 502 Financial Management
MBA 503 Managerial Economics
MBA 504 Business Analysis and Modeling for Managers
MBA 505 Marketing Concepts and Strategies
MBA 506 Managing Information Technologies and Innovation
MBA 507 Business Law for Managers
MBA 508 Management and Organization Theory
MBA 509 Managing Human Resources
MBA 511 Operations and Production Management
II. Comprehensive Track  18 credits
selected from the 600-level courses
offered in the M.B.A. program
and approved by the M.B.A. faculty advisor
III. Internships and Study Abroad 12 credits
MBA 675 Internship
MBA 699 Study Abroad
Please note: The two courses in this section may be substituted for any of the courses in Section II with the permission of the Chair of the Department of Accounting, Business, and Economics. 
IV. Capstone Courses 12 credits
MBA 701 Organizational Leadership, Ethics, and Social Responsibility
MBA 702 Strategic Management
MBA 703 Competing in a Global Business Environment
MBA 704 M.B.A. Decision Laboratory

Course Waivers for Prior Study

Applicants may waive up to 30 of the required 60 credits based on appropriate undergraduate coursework in business administration.