Outside the Classroom  

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25% better: Mount seniors are 25% more likely than students at other colleges and universities to take part in co-curricular activities.

31: Number of active student organizations on campus.

International: The Underground student literary magazine garnered submissions from student contributors at colleges and universities around the globe.

31% better: Mount students are 31% more likely than students at other colleges and universities to take part in educational experiences outside the classroom.

Thousands cheer: Participation at on-campus events and off-campus trips last year totaled more than 6,500 residents and 1,200 commuter students.

Smart and strong: More than 260 student athletes competed in 15 intercollegiate sports last year. Fifty were named to the Skyline Athletic Conference honor roll (3.2 GPA and above).

600: Number of students participating in intramural sports; 140 take weekly fitness classes.

Modeling diplomacy: At a Model UN conference, Mount students participated in simulated crisis committees, acting as members of the Myanmar Parliament of 2012, Spain’s Cortes de Cádiz of 1812, and the Nigerian Cabinet of 1966.

National ambition: From Mathematics to Anthropology, Biochemistry to Sociology, Business to Chemistry, History to Communication, Mount students present original research at national conferences—and get prizes for it. In 2012, Mount students won two of four undergraduate awards given by the American Society for Cell Biology.

80+: Number of Mount students who presented original work at the last Student Research and Service Symposium.

Getting it: On a national survey, Mount students scored 23% higher on civic awareness than students at other colleges and universities.

Diversity: Mount seniors are 29% more likely to report their “knowledge of people of other races/cultures” as a major strength than seniors at other colleges and universities. And 61% of Mount seniors consider the ability to get along with people of other races and cultures a major strength.

MOUNT STUDENTS see opportunity as boundless. Compared to students at other colleges, they …

  • Are more likely to take a risk because they feel they have more to gain
  • Are more likely to publicly communicate an opinion about a cause
  • Are more satisfied with the racial and ethnic diversity of the student body
  • Are more likely to have a roommate of a different racial/ethnic background
  • Are more likely to participate in student government
  • Pray more frequently (but for shorter periods of time)
  • Drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes less frequently
  • Spend less time on social media (but not by much)
  • Are able to negotiate controversial issues
  • Are well-versed in spirituality
  • Are likelier to cultivate understanding and tolerance of others with different beliefs
  • Are able to see the world from another’s perspective

*Source: UCLA Higher Education Research Institute, 2013