Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

From psychology and sociology to English and art, Mount students present their original research at regional and national conferences. Here are just a few recent examples:

2019 Student Research and Service Symposium: Works and Participants

Taylor Latorre ’19 — “Christianity on Instagram”

Angela Abreu ’19 — “Closing the Educational Gap: Sadie’s Book Bodega”

Mikaela-Rose Blanchard ’19 — “The Collegiate Dance Challenge: Business Plan”

Leslie Peralta ’19 — “The Effect of Filtered Photographs on a Person’s Perceived Attractiveness”

Elise Rose Fober ’19 — “Financial Statements for the General Public’s Understanding”

Wantoe Wantoe ’22 — “The Grow Local Project: Support Local Liberian Farmers to End Hunger”

Emily Welch ’19 — “Hitchcock’s Bombshell Beauties”

Katherine Perez ’19 — “The Importance of Online Marketing in Reaching a Brand’s Target Audience”

Emily Ott ’19 — “Instagram Egotism”

Maya Hall ’19 — “A Multiphase Study of Undocumented Immigration to the U.S.”

Gabriela Berrios ’19 — “The Not-So-Evil Stepmother: Psychoanalysis of the Mother and Child Relationship in Snow White”

Manuela Santana ’20 — “The Reign of the Catholic Monarchs”

Alyssa Pipitone ’20 — “The Relationship Between Body Image and Romantic Relationship Satisfaction Among Emerging Adults”

Mary Heaney ’19 — “The Role of Locus of Control in Emotional Eating”

Christina Johnson ’19 — “Telling Lies and Using Excuses Face-to-Face and Online”

Bryan Zavala ’19 and Dr. Alfred D’Anca — “Understanding Public Response to Police-Citizen Encounters: Stepping Beyond the Incidents”

2018 Student Research and Service Symposium: Works and Participants

Stephanie Torres ’19 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “Godless Utopias: How Stable Societies Function Without God”

Viviana Hernandez ’18 (Bronx, N.Y.), Anthony Coppola ’18 (Yonkers, N.Y.), and Christina Johnson ’19 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Autobiographical Memories of Close Relationships in Good Times and Bad Times”

Kelly Nola ’18 (Staten Island, N.Y.) — “Biological underpinnings of Epidermolysis Bullosa and Therapeutic Modulates”

Kerilyn O’Keeffe ’18 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Bulimia Nervosa in College Students”

Emilie Swartvagher ’18 (Wappingers Falls, N.Y.) — “Devouring Ireland: The Irish Gothic and England’s Colonial Vampirism”

Laurén Tate ’18 (Toms River, N.J.) — “Determination of the Structure of Perfluorodecanonitrile: A Three-Part Approach”

Deanna Nardi ’19 (Roseville, Calif.) and Lisbbeth Aybar ’19 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Enterococcus bacterial levels in the Hudson and Saw Mill Rivers”

Rochelle Marriott B.S.N., F.N.P., M.S.N. ’18 (Deer Park, N.Y.) — “Ethical Consideration of Labor and Delivery Nurses Caring for Patients with Fetal Demise”

Kellie Borodin ’20 (East Northport, N.Y.) — “Juana La Loca: The Mad Queen or the Tortured Sovereign?”

Nicole Quaranto ’18 (Valley Stream, N.Y.) — “Lies, Conformity, and Guilt: The Modern Female Adolescent’s Progression through the Atonement Process in Muriel Spark’s The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and Ian McEwan’s Atonement”

Patricia Sewell ’19 (Atwood, Calif.) and Tara McCormack ’20 (Staten Island, N.Y.) — “Narrative Coherence Predicts Psychological Adjustment in Young Adult Cancer Survivors”

Kaylin Dominguez ’19 (Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic), Isabel Soriano ’20 (White Plains, N.Y.), Genesis Torres ’20 (New York, N.Y.), and Jonathan Torres-Henriquez ’18 (Tuckahoe, N.Y.) — “Poor girls and rich boys? Testing the Trivers-Willard hypothesis”

Chana Weinreb ’18 (Brooklyn, N.Y.) and Markise Decayette ’18 (Brooklyn, N.Y.) — “Prejudice Towards Overweight College Students” (published March 2018)

Micheal Stephens-Emerson ’18 (Mount Vernon, Ind.) — “Restorative Illegality in Montaigne’s ‘Of Custom.”

Delaney Hauck ’18 (Old Saybrook, Conn.) — “The Effects of Pet Ownership on Attachment”

Meghan Gong ’18 (Brooklyn, N.Y.) — “The Future of Small Business in the United States and Generational Variance”

Eliana Jimenez ’18 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “The Nature of the Nursing Profession Can Lead to Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, and Nursing Shortage Among Hospital Staff”

Nkenge Parris ’18 (Briarwood, N.Y.) — “The Relations Between Skin Complexion and Representation: How Colorism Plays a Role in the Portrayal of Light and Dark Skinned African-American Women in Television Shows”

Katherine Postel, B.S.N. ’14, R.N. (Middle Village, N.Y.) — “Understanding the Lived Experiences of Clinical Nurses Witnessing Unit Changes”

Richard Diodati ’18 (Seaford, N.Y.) — “White Collar Crime: Looking Beyond the Attitudes

Caitlin Macahilig ’18 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “The Impact of Photo Editing on Instagram on Self-Esteem”

Jaclyn Hahn ’18 (Bay Shore, N.Y. ) — “The Influence of Interaction with Homeless and Hungry on Perceptions and Future Interactions”

2017 Student Research and Service Symposium: Works and Participants

Ramiel Coleman ’20 (Bronx, N.Y.), Katherine Corini ’19 (Clifton Park, N.Y.), Juiliana Danise ’19 (Fulton, N.Y.), Zana Daluz ’17 (Pawtucket, Rhode Island), and Arixon Veras ’17 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Van Cortlandt Park Project”

Nicholas Malizia ’17 (Yonkers, N.Y.) and Victoria Siracusa ’18 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Does Size Matter? Socioeconomic Status, Family Size, and Longevity”

Yra Franchesca Gabas ’17 (Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.) — “Benefits of Kangaroo Mother Care and Barriers to Its Adoption in the Nursing Viewpoint”

Tianna Cassano ’17 (Haverstraw, N.Y.) — “The Rise of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections in the Older Adult Population and Possible Interventions”

Kristen Macatangay ’17 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “The Effects of the Flipped Classroom Method on the Retention of Information in Nursing Students”

Katelyn Wentworth ’17 (Manchester, N.H.) — “Reactions of Nursing Students When Faced with Violations of the ANA Code of Ethics at the Hands of Nurse Educators”

Robert Collazo ’18 (Bronx, N.Y.), Christopher Cunha ’18 (Yonkers, N.Y.), Matthew Della Croce ’17 (Staten Island, N.Y.), Caitlin Macahilig ’18 (Bronx, N.Y.), Verenice Ramirez ’18 (Yonkers, N.Y.), and Morgan Yawger ’18 (Red Bank, N.J.) — “Ghosts of Ludlow Park;” “Ludlow Park Residents Association New Logo;” “New York State Communication Association 75th Anniversary Celebration Logo;” and “CMSV Commencement 2017 Social Media Campaign”

Kylee McGrane ’17 (Wilkes-Barre, P.A.) — “A Moment of Magic’s Business Plan”

Nicholas Meusburger ’17 (Absecon, N.J.) — “The Demise of the Wermacht and the Rise of the Red Army: The Battle of Stalingrad”

Christian Macahilig ’17 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Improvised Exchanges: Jazz Music and American Youth Culture in the 1930s”

Shannon Reilly ’17 (New City, N.Y.) — “The Impact of Hourly Rounding Upon Patient Outcomes and Patient and Nurse Satisfaction”

Alvin Santiago ’17 (Jersey City, N.J.) — “When Caretakers Stop Caring: A Look at Compassion Fatigue and Nurses”

Brandon Briones ’18 (Santa Clara, Calif.) and Caroline Criscuola ’18 (Merrick, N.Y.) — “New York City Park Performers: First Come, First Served”

Maria Ruiz ’19 (Westbury, N.Y.) — “New York City Buskers and Their MTA Subway Station”

Kevin Cabrera ’18 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Seasonal Christmas Tree Sellers in New York City”

Adam Neufeld ’20 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Disruptive Technologies: A Case Study of Driverless Trucks and Consequences of the ‘New’ Fourth Industrial Age”

Daniel Neil ’18 (Bronx, N.Y.) and Shimron Brown ’18 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Individual Differences and Deception Role Influences on Judgments of Harmless Deceptions”

2016 Student Research and Service Symposium: Works and Participants

Diana Lulgjuraj ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “A Review of the Effects of Labeling Menus with Nutritional Information on Consumers’ Food Choices”

Michelle Salas ’16 (Kissimmee, Fla.) — “Bryant Park, New York: Strangers in Public Spaces”

Matthew Samaan ’16 (Manalapan, N.J.) — “Correlation of Mind-Wandering and Stress in the Academic Environment”

Joshua Rene P. Binag ’16 (Oradell, N.J.) — “Executive Functioning in Mono-Literate Heritage Speakers, Bi-Literate Heritage Speakers, And Monolinguals”

Karl Schmitt ’16 (Westbury, N.Y) — “Foreign Enemy or Common Good? A Comparative Analysis of The Creation of A French and A German National Identity”

Cristina Ovalle ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Green initiatives and opportunities in a new China”

Diane Souvenir ’16 (Brooklyn, N.Y.) — “Improving Compliance Between Patient and Healthcare Systems”

Matthew Munroe ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Investigating Factors that Influence Judgments of Harmless Deceptions”

Gabrielle Loccisano ’16 (Rockville Center, N.Y.) — “Memory, Fragmentation, and the Language of the Physical Body in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictee

Maria Tardieu ’16 (Lindenhurst, N.Y.) — “Migration and Women: The Lost Files”

Kimberly Gomez ’16 (Long Valley, N.J.) — “Naturally Kimmy Business Plan”

Angela Chen ’17 (Mount Vernon, N.Y.), Casey Cuccio ’16 (Medford, N.Y.), Rachel Gabriel ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.), Guadalupe Rivera ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.), Edwin Velazquez ’17 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “Peripheral autonomic tone as predictors of changes in EEG sleep state”

Nicole-Ashley Carumba ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Social Media Influencers and Brand Integrations: An Emerging Trend in Advertising”

Nicholas Malizia ’17 (Yonkers, N.Y.), Gabriella Mendoza ’17 (Yonkers, N.Y.), Marielle Villanobos ’17 (Monroe Township, N.J.) — “Socioeconomic determinants of health”

Jacki Rodriguez ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Student-athlete Autobiographical Memory and the Exploration of Goal-Orientation”

Gelisa Labastida ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “The Myth and Truth about the Sustainable Development goals”

Tarilyn Medlar ’17 (Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.) — “The Nature of Love”

Ideline Gómez ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “The Pope’s Message: Steps to Follow”

Carly Jenkinson ’16 (Helena, Mont.) — “The Relationship Between Trauma and Attribution Style in a Diverse Undergraduate Population”

Krishna Magalona ’17 (Fishkill, N.Y.) — “The Road to COP21”

Carol Palacios ’17 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Tomorrow: One Day too Late”

Cathleen Rozario ’16 (Carle Place, N.Y.) — “Trusting Strangers for Childcare in New York City”

Bryan Ruiz ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “Undergraduate Nursing Handoff Communication”

Erika Pichardo ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “Violence Among Everyday Women”

Sarah Oquendo ’17 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “The Revolutionist, The Assimilist, And the Reformist in Jose Rizal’s El Filibusterismo

2015 Student Research and Service Symposium: Works and Participants

Chanel Aguilera ’16 (New York, N.Y.) — “Changing Gender Roles and the Persistence of Masculinity”

Papa Jo Amissah ’16 (Amsterdam, N.Y.) and Kailtin Moreno ’18 (Watertown, Conn.) — “Model UN Club”

Jennifer Astudillo ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Social Media and Social Movements: The Case of #blacklivesmatter”

Margaret McAndrew ’17 (Milford, Conn.) — “Beowulf and Sir Gawain: Clash of Cultures”

Tarilyn Medlar ’17 (Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.) — “The Fall of Anne Boleyn”

Kelly Bloom ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.), Emily Forsyth ’15 (Lynbrook, N.Y.), and Jaymee Wilson ’15 (Hopkins, Texas) — “Achievement Goals as a Predictor of Academic Satisfaction”

Alaysia Carrington ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Attachment Anxiety Leads to Fear of Becoming Fat Due to Increased Binge Eating”

Amanda Correa ’15 (Monroe, N.Y.) — “Art as Social Intervention: Cultural Exchange Phase Two; PS 7 in the Bronx and the Huilcapata School, Cusco, Peru”

Adam Derouin ’15 (Rumford, R.I.) — “The Portrayal of Sitcom Families from the 1950s to 2015”

Shannon Doyle ’15 (Central Islip, N.Y.) — “Taking a Road Trip Up the Information Highway: The Digital Positioning of Luxury”

Joseph Esposito ’15 (Bethpage, N.Y.) — “The New Age: The Effects of Social Media on College Athletics”

Carly Jenkinson ’16 (Helena, Mont.) — “Tourism in Thailand: Authenticity and the Exotic Other”

Colby Landeen ’15 (Glenwood Plantation, Maine) — “The Ventrolateral Preoptic Nucleus and REM Sleep”

Nicholas Malizia ’17 (Yonkers, N.Y.) and Marielle Villanobos ’17 (Monroe Township, N.J.) — “The Clover and the Cross: The Adverse Long Term Effects of Irish Immigration”

Eleeza Mantone ’15 (Bayside, N.Y.) — “Food Truck Vendors: Invisible Contributors to Public Life”

Victoria Mattos ’15 (Amawalk, N.Y.) — “The State of Ethnic Studies Today: A Report to the Board of the National Association for Ethnic Studies”

Krystal Melendez ’15 (New York, N.Y.) — “Learning Environments and Memory”

Kristina Melendez ’15 (New York, N.Y.) — “Russian-Ukrainian Relations, 1930-2015: Friends or Troubled Neighbors?”

Kristina Melendez ’15 (New York, N.Y.) — “Ukrainian-Russian Relations, 1930s-2014”

Katherine Moreira ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “The Business of Service: A Year at the UN”

Kimberly Picon ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Urban Greening and Gentrification”

Ciara Rosa ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Women’s Representation on Top-Rated TV Sitcoms from 2000-2014”

Maria Rubio ’16 (Suffern, N.Y.) — “Immigration: The Urgency of the Problem”

Victor Vasquez ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Workers’ Exploitation: A Global Epidemic”

James Wilkins ’15 (Bristol, Mass.) — “Audience Perception of Different Genders in Sports Broadcasting”

2014 Student Research and Service Symposium: Works and Participants

Jennifer Apriceno ’14 (Richmond, N.Y.) — “The potential biological and environmental causes of the increased incidence of autism in the United States”

Charles Babor ’14 (New Rochelle, N.Y.) — “Research on the development of mood disorders in Type I diabetic pediatric patients and its relationship with diabetic management”

Samantha DeLuca ’14 (Elmsford, N.Y.) — “Life or Death Decisions”

Danielle Dodrill ’14 (Tomkins Cove, N.Y.) — “Treatment and Management of Cancer Care and Its Effects on Patients”

Nicholas Forlini ’14 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “Clinical Care Guidelines for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease”

Amy Fox ’14 (Floral Park, N.Y.) and Carolyn Sepulveda ’14 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “The Influence of Deception Role and Relationship Type on Judgments of Deceptions,” initially presented at the Eastern Psychological Association Conference

Jane Holbrook ’14 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Active Learning Techniques in Education”

Michaela Keough ’14 (Providence, R.I.) — “Documentary Film on Nursing Students”

Maxiana Louis ’14 (Brooklyn, N.Y.) — “Sweet Dreams: Type II Diabetes and Obstructive Sleep Apnea”

Erin MacBride ’14 (Merrick, N.Y.) — “Health Care and Poverty: The Difference Between Life and Death”

Kallie Maglione ’14 (Ridgefield Park, N.J.) — “The Deviant Subculture of Cult and Terrorist Groups”

Katherine Moreira ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Nations enslaved by Modern-Day Slavery”

Mary O’Connell ’14 (Bayside, N.Y.) — “Impact of Celiac Disease on a Patient’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL’S)”

Robert Ortiz ’14 (Lincoln, R.I.) — “Web comics and Post modernism”

Erika Pichardo ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “Sexual Abuse: A Global Epidemic”

Rema Sayed ’14 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Good Quality Sleep vs. Poor Quality Sleep: The development of normative sleep values and analysis of sleep parameters to address sleep complaints”

Andrew Shepard ’14 (West Nyack, N.Y.) — “Synergistic Morality: Morals In Jim Henson’s Life and Work”

Amanda Soliman ’15 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “Empowering Women Now More Than Ever: An Internship Experience. Reflections from an Internship at the United Nations”

Alexa Taveras ’14 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “Personality and Relationship Satisfaction In Dating College Students”

Cristy Tolosa ’15 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “Electronic Medical Records in the United States”

Corinne Varela ’14 (Brooklyn, N.Y.) — “The Short-Term Effects on Smoking of Smoking Awareness Products”

James Wilkins ’15 (Bristol, Mass.), Christina Quinn ’14 (Maywood, N.J.), and LeeAnn Brathwaite ’15 (Mount Vernon, N.Y.) — “The Influence of the Sisters of Charity at a Vincentian Institution,” initially presented at the Second Annual Student Symposium of the Vincentian Scholars for Social Justice

Yadira Dominguez ’14 (Bronx, N.Y.) — “The Role of Art in Fostering Cultural Exchange”

Bo Fisher ’15 (Columbus, Ohio) and Todd Gable ’15 (Pawtucket, R.I.) —The Underground, the College’s literary magazine

Sarah Saragoca ’14 (Yonkers, N.Y.) — “Utilizing Art to Assist People in Need”