Research in Social Sciences

From psychology to sociology, Mount students present their original research at regional and national conferences. Here are just a few recent examples:

2016 Student Research and Service Symposium: Works and Participants

Diana Lulgjuraj ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.) – “A Review of the Effects of Labeling Menus with Nutritional Information on Consumers’ Food Choices”

Michelle Salas ’16 (Kissimmee, Fla.) – “Bryant Park, New York: Strangers in Public Spaces”

Matthew Samaan ’16 (Manalapan, N.J.) – “Correlation of Mind-Wandering and Stress in the Academic Environment”

Joshua Rene P. Binag ’16 (Oradell, N.J.) – “Executive Functioning in Mono-Literate Heritage Speakers, Bi-Literate Heritage Speakers, And Monolinguals”

Karl Schmitt ’16 (Westbury, N.Y) – “Foreign Enemy or Common Good? A Comparative Analysis of The Creation of A French and A German National Identity”

Cristina Ovalle ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Green initiatives and opportunities in a new China”

Diane Souvenir ’16 (Brooklyn, N.Y.) – “Improving Compliance Between Patient and Healthcare Systems”

Matthew Munroe ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Investigating Factors that Influence Judgments of Harmless Deceptions”

Gabrielle Loccisano ’16 (Rockville Center, N.Y.) – “Memory, Fragmentation, and the Language of the Physical Body in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictee

Maria Tardieu ’16 (Lindenhurst, N.Y.) – “Migration and Women: The Lost Files”

Kimberly Gomez ’16 (Long Valley, N.J.) – “Naturally Kimmy Business Plan”

Angela Chen ’17 (Mount Vernon, N.Y.), Casey Cuccio ’16 (Medford, N.Y.), Rachel Gabriel ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.), Guadalupe Rivera ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.), Edwin Velazquez ’17 (Yonkers, N.Y.) – “Peripheral autonomic tone as predictors of changes in EEG sleep state”

Nicole-Ashley Carumba ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Social Media Influencers and Brand Integrations: An Emerging Trend in Advertising”

Nicholas Malizia ’17 (Yonkers, N.Y.), Gabriella Mendoza ’17 (Yonkers, N.Y.), Marielle Villanobos ’17 (Monroe Township, N.J.) – “Socioeconomic determinants of health”

Jacki Rodriguez ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Student-athlete Autobiographical Memory and the Exploration of Goal-Orientation”

Gelisa Labastida ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “The Myth and Truth about the Sustainable Development goals”

Tarilyn Medlar ’17 (Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.) – “The Nature of Love”

Ideline Gómez ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.) – “The Pope’s Message: Steps to Follow”

Carly Jenkinson ’16 (Helena, Mont.) – “The Relationship Between Trauma and Attribution Style in a Diverse Undergraduate Population”

Krishna Magalona ’17 (Fishkill, N.Y.) – “The Road to COP21”

Carol Palacios ’17 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Tomorrow: One Day too Late”

Cathleen Rozario ’16 (Carle Place, N.Y.) – “Trusting Strangers for Childcare in New York City”

Bryan Ruiz ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.) – “Undergraduate Nursing Handoff Communication”

Erika Pichardo ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.) – “Violence Among Everyday Women”

2015 Student Research and Service Symposium: Works and Participants

Chanel Aguilera ’16 (New York, N.Y.) – “Changing Gender Roles and the Persistence of Masculinity”

Papa Jo Amissah ’16 (Amsterdam, N.Y.) and Kailtin Moreno ’18 (Watertown, Conn.) – “Model UN Club”

Jennifer Astudillo ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Social Media and Social Movements: The Case of #blacklivesmatter”

Kelly Bloom ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.), Emily Forsyth ’15 (Lynbrook, N.Y.), and Jaymee Wilson ’15(Hopkins, Texas) – “Achievement Goals as a Predictor of Academic Satisfaction”

Alaysia Carrington ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Attachment Anxiety Leads to Fear of Becoming Fat Due to Increased Binge Eating”

Amanda Correa ’15 (Monroe, N.Y.) – “Art as Social Intervention: Cultural Exchange Phase Two; PS 7 in the Bronx and the Huilcapata School, Cusco, Peru”

Adam Derouin ’15 (Rumford, R.I.) – “The Portrayal of Sitcom Families from the 1950s to 2015”

Shannon Doyle ’15 (Central Islip, N.Y.) – “Taking a Road Trip Up the Information Highway: The Digital Positioning of Luxury”

Joseph Esposito ’15 (Bethpage, N.Y.) “The New Age: The Effects of Social Media on College Athletics”

Carly Jenkinson ’16 (Helena, Mont.) – “Tourism in Thailand: Authenticity and the Exotic Other”

Colby Landeen ’15 (Glenwood Plantation, Maine) – “The Ventrolateral Preoptic Nucleus and REM Sleep”

Nicholas Malizia ’17 (Yonkers, N.Y.) and Marielle Villanobos ’17 (Monroe Township, N.J.) – “The Clover and the Cross: The Adverse Long Term Effects of Irish Immigration”

Eleeza Mantone ’15 (Bayside, N.Y.) – “Food Truck Vendors: Invisible Contributors to Public Life”

Victoria Mattos ’15 (Amawalk, N.Y.) – “The State of Ethnic Studies Today: A Report to the Board of the National Association for Ethnic Studies”

Krystal Melendez ’15 (New York, N.Y.) – “Learning Environments and Memory”

Kristina Melendez ’15 (New York, N.Y.) – “Russian-Ukrainian Relations, 1930-2015: Friends or Troubled Neighbors?”

Kristina Melendez ’15 (New York, N.Y.) – “Ukrainian-Russian Relations, 1930s-2014”

Katherine Moreira ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “The Business of Service: A Year at the UN”

Kimberly Picon ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Urban Greening and Gentrification”

Ciara Rosa ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Women’s Representation on Top-Rated TV Sitcoms from 2000-2014”

Maria Rubio ’16 (Suffern, N.Y.) – “Immigration: The Urgency of the Problem”

Victor Vasquez ’16 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Workers’ Exploitation: A Global Epidemic”

James Wilkins ’15 (Bristol, Mass.) – “Audience Perception of Different Genders in Sports Broadcasting”

2014 Student Research and Service Symposium: Works and Participants

Jennifer Apriceno ’14 (Richmond, N.Y.) – “The potential biological and environmental causes of the increased incidence of autism in the United States”

Charles Babor ’14 (New Rochelle, N.Y.) – “Research on the development of mood disorders in Type I diabetic pediatric patients and its relationship with diabetic management”

Samantha DeLuca ’14 (Elmsford, N.Y.) – “Life or Death Decisions”

Danielle Dodrill ’14 (Tomkins Cove, N.Y.) – “Treatment and Management of Cancer Care and Its Effects on Patients”

Nicholas Forlini ’14 (Yonkers, N.Y.) – “Clinical Care Guidelines for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease”

Amy Fox ’14 (Floral Park, N.Y.) and Carolyn Sepulveda ’14 (Yonkers, N.Y.) – “The Influence of Deception Role and Relationship Type on Judgments of Deceptions,” initially presented at the Eastern Psychological Association Conference

Jane Holbrook ’14 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Active Learning Techniques in Education”

Michaela Keough ’14 (Providence, R.I.) – “Documentary Film on Nursing Students.”

Maxiana Louis ’14 (Brooklyn, N.Y.) – “Sweet Dreams: Type II Diabetes and Obstructive Sleep Apnea”

Erin MacBride ’14 (Merrick, N.Y.) – “Health Care and Poverty: The Difference Between Life and Death”

Kallie Maglione ’14 (Ridgefield Park, N.J.) – “The Deviant Subculture of Cult and Terrorist Groups”

Katherine Moreira ’15 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Nations enslaved by Modern-Day Slavery”

Mary O’Connell ’14 (Bayside, N.Y.) – “Impact of Celiac Disease on a Patient’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL’S)”

Robert Ortiz ’14 (Lincoln, R.I.) – “Web comics and Post modernism”

Erika Pichardo ’16 (Yonkers, N.Y.) – “Sexual Abuse: A Global Epidemic”

Rema Sayed ’14 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Good Quality Sleep vs. Poor Quality Sleep: The development of normative sleep values and analysis of sleep parameters to address sleep complaints”

Andrew Shepard ’14 (West Nyack, N.Y.) – “Synergistic Morality: Morals In Jim Henson’s Life and Work”

Amanda Soliman ’15 (Yonkers, N.Y.) – “Empowering Women Now More Than Ever: An Internship Experience. Reflections from an Internship at the United Nations”

Alexa Taveras ’14 (Bronx, N.Y.) – “Personality and Relationship Satisfaction In Dating College Students”

Cristy Tolosa ’15 (Yonkers, N.Y.) – “Electronic Medical Records in the United States”

Corinne Varela ’14 (Brooklyn, N.Y.) – “The Short-Term Effects on Smoking of Smoking Awareness Products”

James Wilkins ’15 (Bristol, Mass.), Christina Quinn ’14 (Maywood, N.J.), and LeeAnn Brathwaite ’15 (Mount Vernon, N.Y.) – “The Influence of the Sisters of Charity at a Vincentian Institution,” initially presented at the Second Annual Student Symposium of the Vincentian Scholars for Social Justice