Charter High School for Law
and Social Justice

The Charter High School for Law and Social Justice is the product of a unique partnership between the College of Mount Saint Vincent and New York Law School. Located in the south Bronx, the School weaves the law into its four-year curriculum and it aims to provide students with a comprehensive high school education and lay the academic and social groundwork for success in college and careers.

Using the themes of law and social justice, the School is meant to engage, inspire, and empower students, and equip them with the academic skills to earn a Regents diploma and gain admission to the college of their choice, prepared for success.

The School offers an extended school-day and year, intensive support for English language learners and students with special needs, and an innovative four-year legal curriculum that will combine classroom learning with real-world experience through social justice community service projects and internships.

The School will provide an excellent practicum placement site for students in the College’s teacher education programs, ensuring that students benefit from extensive clinical training while pursuing New York State certification in adolescent education.

The School opened its doors to its inaugural class in September 2015. The New York State Board of Regents approved the application to establish and operate the high school in the southern Bronx, issuing a five-year, renewable charter, in December 2013.