M.S. in International Development and Service

Please note: The College of Mount Saint Vincent has discontinued admission to this program. We encourage you to consider an alternate option: The M.B.A. with a concentration in Management of Nonprofit Organizations. 

The College of Mount Saint Vincent offers a Masters of Science in International Development and Service (IDS), a professional degree program created to prepare students to work to fight poverty, exploitation, and ecological destruction in the developing world. Students cultivate expertise in sustainable development, community organizing, project management and assessment, and ethical and effective leadership through an interdisciplinary curriculum of courses and international fieldwork and service.

The IDS program prepares students for careers in:

  • Non-profit and community organizations
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • International development NGOs

Program Features

  • Basic structure is a truly unique national model—requiring service hours to complement coursework, as well as two overseas semesters of study and service in the developing world. Additionally, students have the opportunity to earn a concurrent M.B.A.
  • Professional development opportunities—in addition to rigorous coursework, students are set on pathways for distinctive achievements, such as incubating programs and non-profit organizations, attracting external resources, or professional academic publishing.
  • Social development at the micro and macro levels—students work at the grassroots level while learning the structures of power and policy within which community struggles against poverty and exploitation take place. They learn issues of social development directly from the source; listening to and serving the vulnerable while helping them to build power.
  • The Faculty—an interdisciplinary program with an interdisciplinary faculty, professors in the IDS program come from the fields of economics, business, sociology, social work, art, communications, education, and the humanities.
  • Serviceeach semester, students make an impact in the field while building professional expertise, serving in nonprofits, NGOs, community organizations, social enterprises, and large government and international development organizations.

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