Accounting Society

The Accounting Society at the College of Mount Saint Vincent introduces students to the many and varied opportunities and careers in the field of accounting.

Our Accounting Society is chartered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). Founded in 1919, the IMA is an international association of accounting and financial professionals in business. The organization is active in 140 countries and has more than 300 professional and student chapters. The Mount is also an active participant in the IMA Accounting Honor Society.

By joining the Accounting Society, Mount students:

  • Understand the importance of integrity and ethics as they enter the business world
  • Foster relationships among fellow accounting students to develop a community of professionals that work together
  • Attend various events with industry experts in a variety of fields, including presentations and panels on risk management, insurance, underwriting, and finance
  • Receive assistance in securing meaningful internships at companies and organizations with global reputations
  • Master effective presentation and writing skills
  • Learn the skills of an effective job search, such as networking, resume writing and cover letter preparation, elevator pitches, and how to best target various industries
  • Generate discussions on current business and economic events that impact the accounting profession

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