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Department of Teacher Education

Department of Teacher Education

B.A./M.S. in Urban and Multicultural Education


Please note: the College has suspended admission into this program. Please click the links below to view our exciting new master’s programs. The five-year program is no longer an option for incoming students. 


(Initial Certification plus Academic requirements for Professional Certification in New York State)

Students who choose a five-year program can achieve an undergraduate major in their area of concentration and a Master of Science degree in Urban and Multicultural Education. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the student receives College recommendation for New York State Initial Certification in the area of specialization. In addition, the student will have completed academic coursework requirements for the New York State Professional Certificate.

The number of required credits varies according to the undergraduate major as well as selection of elective concentration in the graduate program. Students should consult their Teacher Education advisor for specific guidelines. A sample program is included in this catalog. The department offers five-year programs in Childhood Education, Adolescent Education, and Dual programs in Special and General Education. See Graduate Catalog for descriptions of courses offered during the fourth and fifth years of study.

Sample Program

B.A/M.S. DEGREE – Dual Certification

(Special Education Grades 1-6/Childhood Education Grades 1-6)

Year 1

FYE 101 The First-Year Experience 1 credit
ENGL 110 Writing in Context I (fall) 3 credits
ENGL 120 Writing in Context II (spring) 3 credits
Freshman Seminar 3 credits
Modern Languages and Literatures Core 6 credits
Core Courses 15 credits
TOTAL 31 credits

Year 2

EDUC 211 Education and Society 3 credits
EDUC 212 Psychology of Teaching and Learning 3 credits
EDUC 340 Introduction to Students with Disabilities 3 credits
PSYC 345 Child Psychology 3 credits
COMM 210 Public Speaking 3 credits
Core Courses 12 credits
Major Courses 6 credits
TOTAL 33 credits

Year 3

EDUC 322 Teaching Mathematics in Inclusive Setting 3 credits
EDUC 323 Practicum I 3 credits
EDUC 324 Teaching Science and Social Studies in Inclusive Settings (1-6) 3 credits
EDUC 325 Practicum II 3 credits
EDUC 326 Teaching Literacy in the Inclusive Elementary Classroom 3 credits
MATH 222 Mathematics for the Elementary School 3 credits
Major Courses 12 credits
TOTAL 30 credits

Year 4

EDUC 428 Assessment and Remediation of Literacy Disabilities 3 credits
EDUC 450 Student Teaching Special Education 3 credits
EDUC 608 Contemporary Health 3 credits
EDUC 712 Strategies Inclusion 3 credits
EDUC 714 Practicum Assessment 3 credits
Core Courses 6 credits
Major Courses 12 credits
TOTAL 33 credits

Year 5

EDUC 502 Foundations of Urban and Multicultural Education 3 credits
EDUC 504 Cross-Cultural Communications 3 credits
EDUC 506 Language, Cognitive Development, and Cultural Diversity 3 credits
EDUC 527 Classroom Management 3 credits
EDUC 531 Student Teaching 7 credits
EDUC 602 Research for Classroom Teachers 3 credits
EDUC 716 Life Span Sp. Ed. 3 credits
TOTAL 25 credits

Total Credits for Graduation: 152 (Credits vary according to major)

Please note: Graduate courses in the senior and fifth years might be offered in a different sequence from sequence in sample plan.