B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies: Law and Social Justice

The Law and Social Justice interdisciplinary major combines History and Philosophy to prepare students for professions that engage directly with civic democracy. By emphasizing the skills of critical thinking, expository writing, and research methods, this major will provide a solid foundation for graduate training or professional careers in law, public policy, social work, community and labor organizing, and politics.

Required Courses

PHIL 241 Logic
PHIL 314 Ethical Theory
PHIL 315 Business Ethics
PHIL 320 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 369 Philosophy and Social Responsibility
PHIL 490 Capstone
HIST 201 Natural Rights, Civil Rights, and Human Rights
HIST 365 America in the 1960s
HIST 375 Internship
HIST 390 Introduction to Political Science
HIST 450 History of New York City

Choose one of the following

HIST 320 African American History, 1600-1865
HIST 321 African American History, 1865-2012
HIST 455 Women in American History

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