Fall Sophomore Entry Term Course Outline

Prerequisites and Core Courses to Be Fulfilled at Prior Institution

BIO 109 and 109L Anatomy and Physiology I (4 credits) BIO 110 and 110L Anatomy and Physiology II (4 credits)
ENGL 110 (core) Writing in Context I (3 credits) ENGL 120 (core) Writing in Context II (3 credits)
Open Elective (3 credits) Open Elective (3 credits)

Please note: All Students must fulfill the College of Mount Saint Vincent core requirements, which are not included in the chart. 

Courses to Be Taken at the College of Mount Saint Vincent

Sophomore Fall Sophomore Spring
NURS 219 Health Assessment (3 credits) NURS 229 Concepts of Nursing (4 credits)
CHEM 109 and 110L General Chemistry (4 credits) NURS 119 Health Promotion (3 credits)
PSYCH 103 Intro to Psychology* (3 credits) BIO 211 and 211L Microbiology* (4 credits)
NURS 109 Professional Role (3 credits) MATH 102 Computational Math* (3 credits)
BIO 204 Genetics* (3 credits) PSYCH 326 Lifespan (3 credits)
Junior Fall Junior Spring
NURS 319 Adult Nursing Care I (8 credits) NURS 329 Adult Nursing Care II (8 credits)
BIOL 333 Pathophysiology (3 credits) BIO 334 Pharmacology (3 credits)
NURS 209 Theory and Research (3 credits)
Senior Fall Senior Spring 
NURS 431 Nursing Care of the Family I:
(4 credits) NURS 434 Nursing Care of the Community I:
(3 credits)
NURS 433 Nursing Care of the Family II:
(4 credits) NURS 436 Nursing Care of the Community II (3 credits)
NURS 409 Process of Leadership (3 credits) NURS 444 Case Management (4 credits)

*Indicates a course that can be taken at prior institution if available.