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Mount Saint Vincent Clubs and Activities

The College of Mount Saint Vincent offers a variety of clubs and activities throughout the school year. At the beginning of the school year, we have Phin Pride, which showcases all of our clubs on campus and it’s also a place for freshmen to sign up and meet new people.

Collage of photos that says OSALCL.

A few amazing student activities we have at Mount Saint Vincent are Homecoming, Spring Fest, Cultural Invasion, and many others. One of my favorite types of activities is leaving campus for a day or a few hours. For example, a trip to a Giants game for $20, a trip to Boston or D.C., even a Saturday trip to Manhattan to go to Bryant Park and ice skate.

I wish I got to go to more of these but I always used my studies as an excuse when I could have made more memories with my friends. Take the chance to relax and let go of your studies for a day and hang out with your friends. Don’t make the same mistake I did!

Filipino Culture at CMSV

The Mount community is super diverse and to see the community come together regardless of their race, color, etc—is an amazing thing.

Photos of Filiment

I believe one of the strongest communities on campus is the Filipino community—and SAMAHAN and Filiment are part of the Filipino community.

I joined SAMAHAN to feel more in touch with my ethnicity. I may have never been in a frat but SAMAHAN feels like a small frat at CMSV. Every year, SAMAHAN hosts a dinner during which everyone gets dressed up for a day (to wear something other than hoodies and sweats) and we celebrate together before we leave for Christmas break and our winter finals.

Filiment is my second family. I knew I wanted to join a dance club but there were so many dance teams on campus that I didn’t know which one to join. Filiment may not be the best dance team on campus for some people but I think we’re the best!

Everyone is accepted no matter if you dance or not and we have a lot of family time. This is one of my favorite things about Filiment—we’re a family and we help one another out with both the choreography and our academic studies.

I might not be in a lot of clubs but these two have my heart. I have met my closest friends in both clubs and I wouldn’t change it for anything! Mahal ko kayo! (ILY!)

—Samantha Coo ’22