The TRIO Experience

TRIO is a Student Support Services Program that provides educational, professional, and cultural enrichment to its scholars. TRIO enhances the academic performance, retention, and graduation rates of its scholars through comprehensive support services provided to selected low-income, first-generation, and students with disabilities.

TRIO provides a summer program for incoming freshmen, which gives them the opportunity to engage in cultural workshops, learn about the campus, and have a better understanding of the academic requirements. While spending a week on campus during the summer, incoming TRIO scholars have a chance to meet other incoming freshman and TRIO members.

TRIO also offers a program that provides leadership opportunities including serving as a Peer-Leader, Orientation Coordinator, Mentor, and Student Worker. Along with this leadership program, TRIO offers one-on-one advising sessions, workshops for TRIO scholars, and a private lounge area for TRIO scholars.

Being a TRIO scholar has had a positive impact on me as a student. TRIO gave me the opportunity to be a Peer Leader and Mentor. Both of these opportunities have helped me develop better leadership skills and hone my communication skills. As a TRIO scholar having the ability to sit down with my advisor just to talk about anything or play a game of chess is helpful, especially during stressful times like midterms and finals. When I was asked to join TRIO I was hesitant, but looking back at my experience, I am very happy that I did. If you have opportunity to be a part of TRIO they should really take it.

—Mario Introna ’22