Tyler Margolis

Tyler Margolis

Assistant Director for Admission
Premier Program Liaison
(718) 405-3734


New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Staten Island, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia

Where are you from?
New City, NY

How long have you been at Mount Saint Vincent?
Since August 2019

What is your advice for succeeding in college?
Try everything. Explore the student clubs and organizations the Mount offers and don’t only join the ones related to your interests, but go beyond and try new things. It’s important to explore a variety of courses outside your major throughout your first few years to determine what you’d like to study going forward. By taking classes that are not necessarily related to your field of study, you find a valuable way to expand your breadth of knowledge and skills—and discover your best options for the future.

What are your favorite sports teams?
The Yankees and the Giants

What’s your favorite vacation destination?
South Florida