Employment Opportunities

To apply: Prepare a cover letter and in the subject line (RE:) note the job number and title. Include your résumé and salary requirements, and send it by email to hr@mountsaintvincent.edu.

 Job # Title  Schedule
 12/11-3 Floater (Temporary) Custodian/Housekeeper for the Department of Facilities  Part-time
 04/28-1 Adjunct Professor of Accounting  Part-time
 08/06-4 Assistant Volleyball Coach  Part-time
 10/05-1 Adjunct of Ecology   Part-time
 11/13-1 Graduate Assistant for Student Activities, Leadership, and Commuter Life
 11/13-2 Assistant Professor for Ecology in the Division of Natural Sciences (2019)  Part-time
 12/20-1 Director for Admission Marketing and Recruitment  Full-time
 01/08-1 Assistant Director for Financial Aid  Full-time
 01/08-2 Assistant Professor of Sociology/Director of the Fishlinger Center  Full-time
 01/09-1 Utility Associate for Food Services  Full-time
 01/09-2 Grill Cook for Food Services  Full-time
 01/09-3 Prep Cook for Food Services  Full-time
 01/31-2 Payroll Manager  Full-time
 02/06-1 Executive Chef for Dining Services/Food Services  Full-time
 02/15-1 Accountant  Full-time