3.1 Classifications of Employment

For purposes of salary administration and eligibility for overtime payments and employee benefits, the College classifies its employees as follows:

3.1.1 Full-Time Regular Employees

Employees hired to work the College’s normal, full-time, thirty-five hour workweek on a regular basis. Such employees may be “exempt” or “nonexempt” as defined below.

3.1.2 Part-Time Regular Employees

Employees hired to work at least 20, but fewer than 35 hours per week on a regular basis. Such employees may be “exempt” or “nonexempt” as defined below.

3.1.3 Temporary or Seasonal Employees

Employees engaged to work full time or part time on the College’s payroll with the understanding that their employment will be terminated no later than on completion of a specific assignment. (Note that a temporary employee may be offered and may accept a new temporary assignment with the College and thus still retain temporary status.) Such employees may be “exempt” or “nonexempt” as defined below. (Note that persons placed with the College by temporary employment agencies or leasing agencies for specific assignments of for specific periods of time are employees of the respective agency and not of the College.)

3.1.4 Student Employees

Employees who are students, and are engaged to work part time in our various departments. Students are not eligible for regular employee benefits.

3.1.5 Nonexempt Employees

Employees who are required to be paid overtime at the rate of time and one half (i.e., one and one-half times) their regular rate of pay for all hours worked beyond forty hours in a workweek, in accordance with applicable federal wage and hour laws.

3.1.6 Exempt Employees

Employees who are not required to be paid overtime, in accordance with applicable federal, state or local law. Executives, administrators, professional employees, employees who handle confidential matters for the College, and employees in certain computer-related positions are typically exempt.

You will be informed of your initial employment classification and of your status as an exempt or nonexempt employee during your orientation session. If you change positions during your employment as a result of a promotion, transfer, or otherwise, you will be informed by the Human Resources Department of any change in your exemption status. Please direct any questions regarding your employment classification or exemption status to the Human Resources Department.

At the back of this Manual, you will find information pertaining to the specific employment practices of the College’s (i) Staff employees, (ii) Administrators, and (iii) Security Personnel. For additional information regarding employment classifications of each of these groups, please refer to the appropriate section.

Approved September 1, 2009