3.12 Graduate Course Tuition Support Program

In its discretion, the College of Mount Saint Vincent may provide full-time Administrators who have completes one year of employment the following benefit:

For those who wish to pursue a Master’s degree that is directly related to the field of employment or discipline and is considered beneficial to the College for the individual to attain that degree, and upon proper application to the Human Resources Department, the College shall pay for graduate courses taken at the College, up to six (6) credit hours an academic term.

Graduate Course Tuition Support Applications with the approvals from the supervisor and Division Vice-President are due on or before one (1) month prior to the first day of classes for the applicable semester.

The applicant pays all fees. The applicant must be entering or enrolled as a matriculates student in a Master’s degree program.

To be eligible for this benefit, the Administrator must first obtain written approval from their direct supervisor and Division Vice President, then from the Chief Financial Officer. Final approval then lies with the President. This approval may include any contingencies agreed upon by the applicant and the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

Under very special circumstances, an employee may be permitted to attend an institution other than College of Mount Saint Vincent, with special permission of the President.

Under certain circumstances, and with the permission of the President, an Administrator may acquire a second Master’s degree. This must be at the request of the College and in the College’s best interest.

If an Administrator obtains the proper approval to attend another institution, then the College will make payment to the institution up to the College’s current graduate tuition rate, up to six (6) credit hours. This payment will be made directly to the institution at which the applicant is enrolled. The College, upon request, shall provide to each applicant a letter stating that the College shall pay for the six (6) credits of graduate study (depends by on the credit fee) at the institution at which the applicant is enrolled upon the receipt of a bill from the institution.

Applicants must provide proof that a passing grade has been received in the course(s) paid for by the College in the preceding academic term before this benefit will extend to the next academic term for which tuition is sought.

The College requires that, to receive Graduate Course Tuition Support, employees commit to remaining employed at the a College for at least two years after enrollment in a graduate course or completion of degree requirements, whichever is applicable. If this commitment is not kept, it is the employer’s obligation to refund to the College 50% of the total amount of tuition remitted by the College for their coursework.

Questions concerning the program should be addressed to the Director for Human Resources.

Approved May 12, 2020