12.0 Administrators Addendum

Administrators are responsible for directly promoting the mission and goals of the College in six major areas: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, General Administration, Financial, Institutional Advancement and Development.

Most administrative areas have or have access to staff or clerical assistance. Administrators are responsible for being aware of the College’s Human Resources policies for staff as outlined in the Employee Manual. Copies may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources.

Administrators are expected to submit annually their goals with budgetary implications to enable the College to project future needs and directions. Administrators are expected to maintain budgetary control in their area and are responsible for carrying out all budget control policies. Administrators are expected to participate in planning and budget review as directed by their supervisor.

It is the responsibility of faculty and administrators to provide their own academic attire for commencement and other academic events or to assume the cost of such rental fees. Office budgets may not be used to defray costs. Arrangements for academic attire rental are made through the Office of Campus Events.

12.1 Classifications of Employment

12.2 Work Schedules

12.3 Evening/Saturday Hours

12.4 Vacation

12.5 Medical Disability/Medical Leave of Absence