12.5 Medical Disability/Medical Leave of Absence

Administrators and staff who must be absent from their positions because of prolonged illness or childbirth and related conditions are entitled to be paid for part or all of their medical leave of absence, provided they have successfully completed one year of employment, and depending on the length of their employment. Application for a paid medical leave must be made, in writing, to the division’s Senior Administrator, and the approval is to be sent to the Director of Human Resources. Leaves under this policy are provided only when the employee is experiencing a period of disability. Other leaves, such as those for family purposes (elder cai-e, child care, baby care) are not covered by this policy.

During any period of disability, a full-time employee (including administrators and staff) may be paid one-month’s salary for each year of employment up to three months’ maximum.

The disabled employee is required to apply for short term disability benefits, and any short term disability benefits received during a paid leave of absence must be paid to the College. Disability benefits are coordinated through the Office of Human Resources, and application for benefits must be made within 28 days of the onset of the disability. (See the Office of Human Resources for more information about Short Term Disability Benefits).

Employees do not earn vacation time during leaves of absence (except for periods during which the employee uses vacation or sick time to be paid), but health insurance benefits continue as long as any required employee contributions are made.

Any leave taken under this policy will run concurrently with any FMLA, Workers’ Compensation, or disability leave.

This benefit is intended to cover any prolonged illness or physical disability. A physician’s report will generally be required.

Once the period of disability ends, if the employee remains on a leave of absence under the College’s Family Medical Leave policy and is no longer eligible for pay under any insurance policy, he or she must utilize any paid time off (such as vacation, sick time and personal days (for staff)) prior to taking any portion of the leave as unpaid leave.

Approved December 14, 2017