2.2 Promotion / Transfer (this policy does not apply to faculty)

The College desires to fill all vacancies with the best-qualified persons available, and values the opportunity for promoting from within. Whenever practicable, attempts will be made to fill job vacancies by promotion or transfer within the College. For this reason, job openings are advertised to College personnel and members of the College community who are encouraged to apply for any vacancy for which they feel qualified. The Human Resources Department publicizes all vacancies through the college website and maintains a listing of all vacancies. Employees interested in applying for another position should send a letter of interest to hr@mountsaintvincent.edu.

A promotion is movement to a position in another classification at a greater level of responsibility and will normally be accompanied by an increase in compensation. A lateral transfer is movement to a position at a similar level of responsibility and is not necessarily accompanied by a salary increase. A demotion/transfer is a movement into another classification at a lesser level of responsibility and is normally accompanied by a reduction in salary.

In evaluating an employee for promotion or transfer, several factors will be considered. These factors may include:

  1. Knowledge and experience
  2. Education
  3. Past performance
  4. Productivity
  5. Attendance
  6. Learning speed
  7. Judgment and responsibility
  8. Interpersonal relationships

An employee must be in their present position for a minimum of six months before a promotion transfer will be considered. In addition to these factors, the College may consider any other factor it deems appropriate and in the best interest of the College.

Approved May 12, 2009