4.12 Solicitation and Distribution

The selling of tickets, merchandise or other commercial promotion on College property not related to and administratively-approved College or employee or student program, activity, etc. is prohibited unless specifically authorized by a Senior Administrator and/or the Director of Human Resources.

Employees may not solicit anywhere on College property while they or the other employees involved are on working time. Furthermore, employees may not distribute literature or printed material of any kind in working areas at any time. The distribution of literature not related to administratively approved College or employee or student programs, activities, etc. on College property by employees is prohibited in working areas of the College, unless authorized by a Senior Administrator and/or Director of Human Resources. This policy also prohibits solicitations via the College’s e-mail and other telephonic communication systems.

Likewise, non-employees are not permitted anywhere on the College property to solicit employees or students or to distribute literature.

Approved February 28, 2014