4.15 Use of College Vehicles/Use of Personal Vehicles

Drivers who are approved to use College-owned vehicles will be required to register with the College’s insurance company, and to agree to maintain responsibility for the vehicle at all times. Employees should report all license restrictions, traffic violations, citations and infractions under applicable state vehicle and traffic laws in accordance with applicable law to their supervisor and/or the Business Department.

Mileage for the use of personally owned vehicles to conduct approved College-related business will be reimbursed at the allowable rate established by the Federal Government. A Check Request Form, with supporting statements as to travel itinerary and purpose, should be submitted for reimbursement at tins rate. Receipts for tolls paid or parking should also be submitted with tile request form.

Please see the Cellular Phone Use policy elsewhere in this Manual for information pertaining to phone use while driving on College business.

Approved February 28, 2014