4.16 Events Planning

All meetings and events planned by any office or individual must be coordinated through the Office of Campus Events. Campus Events will reserve a room and assist in all facets of room preparation, food service, publicity, etc. Events not “booked” through this department have no assurance that the event will not be cancelled due to unavailability of space, conflicts with time or any other number of reasons.

All individuals or groups planning catered events on the Mount Saint Vincent campus are required to use the College caterer. If the individual or group planning the event is unable to come to terms with the dining contractor or the dining contractor is unable to provide the service or menu desired or opts not to cater the event, the Director of Campus Events may authorize the services of an outside caterer to handle the event. Alternatively, “take-out” food can be brought in from off Campus. All catered events must be approved through Student Activities or Campus Events to insure the appropriate approvals. Due to issues of liability, the College insists that any outside caterer on Campus meet criteria involving liability insurance, worker’s compensation, use of facilities, etc. A complete listing of those criteria is available in the Office of Campus Events or Student Activates.

Approved February 28, 2014