4.3 Appearance

Employees are required to arrive for work neat in appearance and dressed in attire appropriate to a business environment. Common sense and good taste are the most reliable guides on the subject of appearance at work. Personal appearance of our employees makes an impression about the College with students, visitors and co-workers. Employees in security positions are required to wear a uniform and carry items designed for health/safety emergencies.

Employees are also required to keep their work environment clean and orderly. Before departing at the end of their workday, employees should lock all files and cabinets and clear all work materials from desk surfaces, especially materials of a sensitive or confidential nature.

Employees failing to adhere to proper College standards with respect to appearance and demeanor are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Security employees are subject to additional rules regarding their appearance, and should see the Security Procedures Manual for additional information.

Approved February 28, 2014