4.7 Telephone Usage

The telephone is essential in day-to-day business and how employees use it is important to the effective operation of the College. When using the phone, be sure to respond in a prompt, courteous manner, identify yourself and your office, respond to the caller with prompt answers and/or explanations, and take accurate messages. The impression given over the telephone is often the only one the caller will have of the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

Employees must limit the number and duration of personal calls made from, or received at, their office phone. Employees are responsible to reimburse the College for the cost of personal calls.

Employees must ensure telephone coverage during office hours.

To ensure that the use of communications systems is consistent with the College’s legitimate business interests, authorized representatives of the College may monitor the use of such equipment from time to time. This may also include listening to stored voice-mail messages.

From time to time the College may tape, record, videotape, or otherwise monitor conversations or other communications between employees and/or between employees and non-employees for legitimate purposes. In addition, the College’s telephone lines may be monitored and taped consistent with applicable federal and state law. Such monitoring or taping may be done if the College is conducting an investigation into allegedly unlawful or unethical activities, in conjunction with regulatory or other enforced authorities, or for any other business reason in the College’s sole discretion. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including, dismissal.

Approved February 28, 2014