4.8 Cellular Phone Use

The use of personal cellular phones in the office should be kept to an absolute minimum, as such usage is disruptive.

Using a cellular telephone while operating a motor vehicle is strongly discouraged. Employees should plan to allow adequate time for the placement of telephone calls either prior to or after driving or while on rest breaks. If an employee absolutely must (because of an emergency) use a cellular telephone while driving, the employee must use a hands-free device, and must comply with applicable local, city or state laws. Additionally, while using a cellular telephone while driving, an employee must attempt to pull off the road and safely stop the vehicle before placing or accepting the call. Under no circumstances may an employee place himself or herself (or anyone else) at risk in order to fulfill an actual or perceived business need.

Employees who are charged with traffic violations or are involved in accidents because of their use of a cellular telephone while driving will be solely responsible for all liabilities that result from such actions.

Employees violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Approved February 28, 2014