7.3 Disciplinary Matters

As an integral member of the College team, you are expected to accept certain responsibilities, adhere to acceptable principles in matters of personal conduct, and exhibit a high degree of personal integrity at all times. This not only involves sincere respect for the rights and feelings of others but also demands that both in your business and in your personal life you refrain from any behavior that might be harmful to you, your coworkers, and/or the College, or that might be viewed unfavorably by current or potential customers or by the public at large.

Whether you are on or off duty, your conduct reflects on the College. You are, consequently, encouraged to observe the highest standards of professionalism at all times.

Listed below are some of the rules and regulations of the College. This list should not be viewed as being all-inclusive. Types of behavior and conduct that the College considers inappropriate and which could lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal, at the sole discretion of College. (Faculty members should refer to the Faculty Handbook for disciplinary procedures.) Prohibited behaviors include but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Falsifying or altering (without authorization) records, employment applications, timecards, etc.
  2. Reporting false information on employment application
  3. Chronic lateness or absenteeism
  4. Failing (intentionally or unintentionally) to perform the duties required of one’s position
  5. Insubordination, which includes, but is not limited to, unwillingness to perform assigned duties
  6. Stealing, fighting, gambling or possession of weapons
  7. Deliberately stealing, damaging or destroying College property
  8. Using and/or possessing illegal narcotics or dangerous drugs
  9. Reporting to work under the influence of intoxicating beverages or illegal drugs
  10. Harassing, bullying, abusive or inconsiderate treatment of students, faculty, visitors, or co-workers
  11. Leaving the job without permission during regularly scheduled working hours
  12. Smoking in non-smoking areas
  13. Sleeping while on duty
  14. Disrupting of College business
  15. Soliciting or accepting gifts or gratuities
  16. Violating solicitation and distribution rules
  17. Engaging in immoral conduct or indecency on the College’s premises or affecting the College’s operation or reputation
  18. Engaging in any violations of city, state or federal law
  19. Violating policies and/or standards regarding the sharing of confidential information
  20. Violating any other College policy or procedure
  21. Failing or refusing to participate in any College investigation
  22. Engaging in a romantic or sexual relationship with a current College of Mount Vincent student
  23. Committing Sexual Misconduct (See 8.0 in Employee Manual)

Nothing in this policy shall serve to modify in any way the College’s employment-at-will policy.

Approved May 18, 2015