13.5 Personal Days

In addition to providing paid time off for College-designated holidays, the College permits full-time regular Security employees to take paid personal days for personal business that cannot be taken care of outside regular business hour and for religious observances, and other events of personal significance. Note that personal days may not be used to extend scheduled vacations. At the discretion of their supervisors, part-time regular staff and security employees may also be granted time off for personal reasons without pay.

You must give your immediate supervisor written notice of intent to use a personal day at least one week before taking that day off except in emergency situations. Your supervisor considers workload priorities in determining whether to approve such requests; however, full consideration is given to requests for holidays of religious significance where reasonable accommodation is possible.

Personal days may never be used during the first three months of employment. The College may, at its discretion, permit employees to “borrow” not-yet-accrued personal days. Personal days must be used during the calendar year. There shall be no carryover of personal days from year to year, and there shall be no payment for unused personal days at the end of any calendar year or in the event of termination. Personal days may not be used once the employee has given notice of his/her resignation.

Full-time regular Security employees accrue personal days as follows:

Personal Day Entitlement Accrual
2 days One day for every six
months of employment

Approved May 12, 2009