8.0.2 Interim Measures

In all cases of alleged Sexual Misconduct, regardless of how the accuser wishes to proceed, the College will undertake a prompt, fair, and impartial investigation conducted by officials who receive annual training on issues related to sexual misconduct. At the same time, the College will take immediate and effective action to support and protect the accuser pending the final outcome of the investigation and hearing, taking into account the desire of the accuser to maintain confidentiality, as applicable. Accordingly, the College may impose a no-contact order, which typically will include a directive that the parties refrain from having contact with one another, directly or through proxies, whether in person or via electronic means, pending the investigation and, if applicable, the hearing.

The College also may take any further protective action if deemed appropriate concerning the interaction of the parties including providing escorts for the accuser to and from College locations, directing appropriate College officials to alter the students’ academic schedules, provide a Leave of Absence or arrange for the accuser to be away from campus for a few days, provide assistance with College housing, and/or alter College employment arrangements.

Title IX requires that when taking such steps to separate the accuser and the accused, the College should minimize the burden on the accuser and thus should not, as a matter of course, remove the accuser from his/her classes, housing or employment while allowing the accused to remain. The College will consider how such changes will impact the accused.

Approved May 18, 2015