8.0.5 Accuser Requests Formal Investigation

The Formal Investigation procedures when the accused is a faculty member can be found in the Faculty Handbook, Section 7.4. For other employees the Title IX Coordinator will conduct the investigation and contact any person identified by the accuser or the accused who has facts pertinent to the allegations and ask them to provide information about the incident.

If the College determines that an employee is guilty of sexual misconduct, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the offending employee, up to and including termination of employment. Employees (both the accused and the accuser) may appeal a disciplinary action with the President of the College.

The investigation and Formal Resolution typically conclude within sixty (60) days. Results will include: a finding of in violation or not in violation of Sexual Misconduct for the accused, the sanctions imposed, if any, and an explanation of the rationale for its determination. Title IX requires a document regarding the allegations, findings and determination be issued concurrently to the accused and the accuser.

Approved May 18, 2015