11.7 Tuition Remission Policy for the Employees of a Contracted Vendor of an Outsourced Service

The primary objective of the tuition remission program is to encourage hourly employees of a contracted vendor* (such as Chartwells) of an outsourced service company, their spouse, and dependent unmarried children to pursue an undergraduate college education.

After completion of one full year of work at the College of Mount Saint Vincent as an hourly employee of the contracted vendor of an outsourced service company, the employee, their spouse, and dependent unmarried children are eligible for full tuition remission benefits towards a baccalaureate degree if they do not have an undergraduate degree.

The employee, spouse, or dependent unmarried children must meet all standard admission requirements as and is obligated to pay all associated fees, including any fees for room and board.  The Office of Admission offers advice on admission criteria and processes.  Tuition remission forms may be obtained through the Human Resources Department.

Eligibility for tuition remission ceases before the beginning of the academic term following the employee’s separation of employment from the vendor or following the reassignment of the employee off the Mount Saint Vincent campus.

Eligibility for Employee
The maximum number of credits for which an eligible employee may enroll is six (6) per academic term or to a maximum of (30) credits per academic year.  The employee may only enroll in courses held outside his/her scheduled work hours. This benefit extends to evening, summer, weekends and Intersession courses.

Eligibility for Spouses and Dependent Children
The spouse or dependent unmarried child of a full-time employee is eligible for tuition remission in the academic term following the beginning of the employee’s second year of employment.

To continue to qualify for this benefit, the spouse or unmarried dependent child must meet and maintain the standards for matriculation at the College. Additionally, the spouse or unmarried dependent child must file for all available financial aid including state (TAP and Regents Scholarship), federal (Pell), incentive and all other awards for which the student may be eligible. Once matriculation (enrollment) begins, these monies are returned to College.

This benefit is only available for eight consecutive academic terms up to 120 attempted credit hours towards the completion of a Bachelor degree. All summer and Intersession tuition, fees and Room and Board are the responsibility of the student and/or parent. Credits earned during additional academic terms and/or intersession or summer sessions must represent normal progress toward the degree. The requirement for consecutive enrollment may be waived in cases of military service, serious illness or other extenuating, unavoidable circumstances. Eligibility for tuition remission ceases the academic term following the separation of employment of the vendor or reassignment of the employee away from Mount Saint Vincent.

*For purposes of this policy, a contracted vendor shall mean an outsourced service company with a duly executed contract to provide ongoing, consistent services for a period of 5 years to Mount Saint Vincent and whose employees work on-site at the College.

Approved October 27, 2016