10.1 Termination of Employment

Please note that this policy does not apply to those employees covered under the Faculty Handbook. Faculty employees are referred to the Faculty Handbook and any applicable contracts and agreements entered into between them and the College for information regarding termination of employment.

Employees desiring to terminate their employment relationship with the College are urged to notify the College in advance of their intended termination. Staff and Security employees must provide at least two weeks’ notice, and Administrators must provide at least four weeks’ notice. Such notice should be given in writing to your supervisor and department head. Proper notice allows the College sufficient time to plan for the transition of duties.

Employees who plan to retire are encouraged to provide the College with a minimum of two months’ notice. This will allow ample time for the processing of appropriate retirement benefits.

Employees who fail to provide the requisite notice will not be paid for any accrued, unused vacation on termination of employment. Any accrued, unused vacation time will be forfeited.

Once an employee has provided notice of resignation or retirement, he or she will not be permitted to use any accrued paid time off, such as vacation, sick time, or personal time. This is because the College will require the employee’s participation in the transition of his or her responsibilities.

As mentioned elsewhere in this Manual, all employment relationships with the College are on an at-will basis. Thus, although the College hopes that our relationships with employees are long term and mutually rewarding, the College reserves the right to terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause or notice.

Exit interviews with the Office of Human Resources are normally scheduled for outgoing employees after a supervisor receives notice of resignation or intent to retire and for employees whose termination is initiated by the College. The purposes of these interviews are to review eligibility for benefit continuation and conversion, to ensure that all necessary forms are completed, to collect all College property that may be in the employee’s possession (e.g., keys), and to provide employees with an opportunity to discuss their job-related experiences.

Approved November 7, 2014