5.3 Vacation (this policy does not apply to faculty)

Vacations are considered a period of time necessary to maintain and improve employees’ mental and physical health by allowing for rest and recreation throughout the year.

It is the policy of the College to provide vacation time for its employees. Generally, vacation must be used within the year that it is accrued. Vacation is accrued from September 1 through August 31 of the following year. In order to insure sufficient performance of College operations throughout the entire 12-month calendar year, employees with annual vacation entitlements of more than 10 days (i.e., all Administrators and Staff with 10 or more years of service), are required to schedule vacation days such that no more than 11 days of vacation time are taken between May 1 and August 31. No payments will be made in lieu of taking vacations.

Under unusual or extraordinary circumstances, upon request, the College may, at its discretion, permit employees to carry over up to five days of vacation beyond August 31. However, such time must be used by December 31 of that year.

Vacation time for Part-Time employees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis according to the number of hours worked in relation to the regular full time hours for the same position.

Vacation time is to be requested as far in advance as possible, and is subject to the supervisor’s approval, taking into consideration, among other things, work demands. Full consideration will be given to such requests, and the employee will be notified whether the vacation request is approved. All vacations are approved on the basis that efficient operations be maintained. Vacation periods in excess of 2 weeks at a time generally will not be permitted.

Vacation time may never be used during the first month of employment. The College may, at its discretion, permit employees to “borrow” not-yet-accrued vacation time. There shall be no payment for unused vacation at the end of any year or in the event of termination of employment.

The rules regarding use of vacation time once the employee has given notice of his/her resignation differs, depending on (i) the timing of the notice provided, and (ii) the employee’s job classification (i.e., Faculty, Administrator, Staff, or Security).

At the back of this manual, you will find information pertaining to the specific employment practices of the College’s (i) Staff employees, (ii) Administrators, and (iii) Security Personnel. For additional information regarding vacation accrual and use of vacation once the employee has given notice of resignation for each of these groups, please refer to the appropriate section. Members of the Faculty should see the Faculty Handbook for additional information.

Approved November 2, 2015