5.8 Jury and Witness Duty Leave 

An employee called to jury duty will receive regular pay during the jury duty leave up to a maximum of 15 days per calendar year.

All employees are allowed time off if summoned to appear in court as a witness. Nonexempt employees may use accrued vacation or personal leave time during this period or take the time off without pay. Exempt staff members will be paid their normal salary during any workweek in which they appear as a witness or juror and also perform services for the College, regardless of the amount of time spent performing those services.

To qualify for jury or witness duty leave, you must submit to your supervisor and the Office Human Resources a copy of the summons or subpoena as soon as it is received. In addition, proof of service must be submitted to your supervisor when your period of jury or witness duty is completed. In return the employee must reimburse the College, if he/she receives payment from the court.

The College will make no attempt to have your service on a jury postponed except when business conditions necessitate such action.

Approved June 9, 2014