Enterprise Programs Tuition and Fees

Academic Year 2022-2023

Adult Education Teach-Out
Tuition (per credit) $495
One-Time Program Fee
(per student upon entry to program)
(covers technology and seasonal parking fees)
Bridge Program
Course Fee (per semester) $19,750
Course Fee (per year) $39,500
Student Activity Fee + B44 (per semester) $190
Student Activity Fee + B44 (per year) $380
Technology Fee (per semester) $270
Technology Fee (per year) $540
Program/Transportation Fee (per semester) $7,500
Program/Transportation Fee (per year) $15,000
Room and Board | Single/Suite Occupancy (per semester) $7,800
Room and Board | Single/Suite Occupancy (per year) $15,600
Graduation Tuition (per credit) $425
Non-Degree Tuition (per course) $285
Technology Fee (per term) (exclude non-degree) (for students entering in Fall 2021 and after) $45
Conservatory at the Mount
Community Student Tuition
(Private Lessons: 32 per year)
Private Lessons | 60 Minutes (per year) $3,960
Private Lessons | 45 Minutes (per year) $2,970
Private Lessons | 30 Minutes (per year) $1,980
Private Lessons | 20 Minutes (per year) $1,320
Chamber Ensembles (per semester) $425
Suzuki Group Classes (per semester) $240
Kings UPP/EFL Tuition
Undergraduate Pathway Program (per day) $35
English as a Foreign Language (per day) $35
High School EFL (per day) $35
Kings UPP/EFL Room and Board
Lodging (per night) $28.50
Breakfast (per meal) $7
Lunch (per mean) $10
Dinner (per meal) $13
Sara Schenirer
Undergraduate Tuition (per credit) $400
Graduate Tuition (per credit) $425
Technology Fee (per term)
(for students entering Fall 2021 and after)