Refund Policy

Billing Deadlines
Registration for the Fall/Spring semesters is contingent upon the full payment of previous balances and course availability.

  • July 1 with a payment deadline of August 2 for the Fall Semester
  • December 1 with a payment deadline of January 2 for the Spring Semester

If a student has not paid or made arrangements to pay the tuition bill by the payment due date, the student’s registration and housing will be dropped and a hold will be placed on Self-Service. Limited access to Self-Service will remain available.

Should the student wish to remain at the College, he or she must provide proof of payment arrangements. At this point, the student will be allowed to re-register (a re-registration fee will be applied) and re-apply for housing, but is not guaranteed the same courses and/or housing assignment.

Undergraduate College Refund Policy
The date of refund credit shall be considered the day on which the College receives satisfactory written notification of withdrawal from the student. No refunds are made to a full-time matriculated students for withdrawal from an individual course. Students who have excess credits will be charged for credits in courses from which they have withdrawn. A student can expect to receive a refund no later than the end of a 30-day period after the College has received official notification of withdrawal.

A. Regular Sessions Fall and Spring Terms REFUND
First week of classes 100%
Second week of classes 80%
Third week of classes 60%
Fourth week of classes 40%
Fifth week of classes 0%
B. January Intersession and Summer Sessions
Prior to first meeting of scheduled class 100%
After the first scheduled class meeting 0%
C. Special Sessions Refund
During the first class 100%
During the second class 80%
During the third class 60%
During the fourth class 40%
After the fourth class 0%

Students expecting a refund of an overpayment of tuition and room and board must complete a refund request form in the Office of Student Accounts. Once the refund check is ready, students will be alerted by email to come to the Office of Student Accounts and pick up the check. Photo identification is required for students to pick up refund checks.

Room and Board will be refunded up to and including the fifth week of the semester on a per-diem basis according to the number of days the room was occupied. After the fifth week there is no refund. Students must inform the Office of Residence Life and Housing, in writing, if they are planning to withdraw from residency. Read more about Resident and Commuter Declining Balance Meal Plans, special circumstance board refunds, and My Dollars.

There is no refund for students who are dismissed from residency as part of a disciplinary sanction. Students who withdraw from residence or who change their on-campus residence without notifying the Director of Residence Life will be charged an appropriate administrative fee.

Office of Professional and Graduate Studies Refund Policy
Refunds of tuition will be made in accordance with the following schedule based on the effective date of written notification:

A. Fall and Spring Semester – on campus REFUND
Drop from a course before the first scheduled class of a course 100%
Drop from a course before the second scheduled class of a course 80%
Drop from a course before the third scheduled class of a course 60%
Drop from a course before the fourth scheduled class of a course 40%
Withdrawal from a course after the fourth scheduled class of a course 0%
B. Offsite Courses – offered through the Graduate Program at offsite locations
Prior to the first meeting of scheduled class 100%
After the first meeting of scheduled class 0%
C. Summer Sessions
Prior to the first meeting of scheduled class 100%
After the first meeting of scheduled class 0%