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Exceptional Quality. Authentic Value.


The College of Mount Saint Vincent leads the region in offering exceptional education at an affordable price. It’s been our tradition for more than 100 years.

Our academic programs are nationally recognized for their quality. Our commitment to making high quality education accessible to students and their families also sets Mount Saint Vincent apart. With our sensible tuition, room and board, and fees, combined with merit scholarship awards and financial aid grants, Mount Saint Vincent leads the region in affordability: a first-rate private college education is within your reach.

Our merit scholarships and grant awards are generous. Our tuition, room and board, and fees are less than most private institutions in the region. Our commitment to financial aid is unusually strong: we believe talented students are worthy of nothing less.

We know that’s what you want and deserve: an exceptional education and an authentic value.

National Measures of Quality
Colleges and universities increasingly face demands for standardized, quantified measurements, even measurements that can be summarized in a single score that will rate institutions against each other.

Mount Saint Vincent and other excellent schools are multifaceted and complex. Some of their excellence can be measured by statistics, but much of it cannot. Most important, the quality of student achievement and the quality of faculty are impossible to quantify meaningfully.

There is a more useful way to assess the quality of colleges and universities and to provide students and their parents with the means to differentiate the exceptional from all the rest. Mount Saint Vincent’s National Measures of Quality is a reliable, sensible model of assessment. It demonstrates the value of a Mount education both within and beyond the classroom. It demonstrates why students who choose the Mount often say they love it, why they are well served by it, and why Mount alumni are proud of their alma mater.

National Measures of Quality