M.S. in Art Therapy/Counseling Program

The Graduate Program in Art Therapy/Counseling seeks to train students to professionally use the art therapy process in clinical practice. The program links the studio art experience with depth-oriented psychology theory, such as psychoanalysis, ego psychology, and object relations.

Required courses are taken sequentially prior to practicum semesters, while artistic process, creative experience, and art therapy theory are studied simultaneously.

Art therapy students are expected to be artists actively involved in their creative development. Therefore, a vital component of the program is an emphasis on studio art and the integration of theoretical material with the studio art experience.

The 60-credit Master of Science degree in Art Therapy/Counseling is designed to address licensing requirements in states that require the word “counseling” in the art therapy degree title as well as additional course work. The additional course work is designed to meet many of the academic requirements specified for licensure by some states. However, because each state sets its own licensure requirements, students who apply for licensing outside of New York State are responsible for becoming familiar with the licensing requirements of that state and for enrolling in the academic courses and internships required by that state.