M.S. in Art Therapy/Counseling Application Checklist and Timeline

Fall: August 1
Summer: May 1
Spring: December 1

Admission Prerequisites

To be considered for the Program, an applicant must have successfully completed the following prerequisites:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, GPA of 3.0 (B) in majors such as but not limited to studio art, psychology, art therapy, art education
  • 18 semester credits in studio art in a variety of courses such as drawing, painting, two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, ceramics, photography, sculpture, etc.
  • 12 semester credits in psychology including one course in developmental psychology and one course in abnormal psychology
  • Volunteer or paid experience or internship working under supervision with people with special needs

Admission Requirements

Complete an Application 
Submit your application

Please send us your official transcripts in sealed envelopes, from each college or university you have attended. All credentials from foreign institutions require a World Education Services (WES) evaluation.

Two Letters of Recommendation 
Two (2) letters of recommendation—one from the supervisor of the experience with special needs populations and one from a professional (i.e. professor) who can speak to the candidate’s potential to succeed in graduate studies.

References and transcripts can be sent separately or as part of the complete application. Both references and transcripts should be sent in envelopes sealed by the individual issuing the reference or the college issuing the official transcript. Copies and open envelopes are unofficial documents and will not be accepted.

Goals Statement
Please submit an essay of about 300 words describing your background, experience, and professional goals toward pursuing a career in art therapy, and how you think this program will serve those goals.

Please include in your application 10 of your original artworks, presented through a website link, or digital images.

Please submit a copy of your current resume.