Center for International Teacher Training

The School of Professional and Graduate Studies at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, through its Center for International Teacher Training, offers an intensive program for educators from abroad that provides the following:

  • A blend of professional development experiences
  • Graduate level coursework in urban and multicultural education
  • Directed school visits linked to schools throughout the New York metropolitan area
  • A variety of cultural field trips

Program participants study on a full-time basis, work alongside experienced faculty members from the College, and engage in a wide variety of school learning walks at area public schools. These unique learning walks are arranged in cooperation with the schools themselves, the New York City Department of Education, the United Federation of Teachers, and the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators.

The College of Mount Saint Vincent has long been a provider of professional training and educational credentials for its graduates entering the teaching profession in schools throughout the New York metropolitan area. The College’s relationships with area schools, school districts, professional teacher associations, and the City’s educational agencies are rich and longstanding. Through these alliances, the School of Professional and Graduate Studies is proud to offer, through its Center for International Teacher Training, an opportunity for teachers from other countries to study the concepts, practices, institutions, policies, and learning strategies embedded within the educational systems of the United States, particularly of New York City.

In recent years, more than 500 teachers from Shenzhen City, China have participated in this Teacher Training Program. Sponsored by the Educational Bureau of Shenzhen and with the support of the government of the Peoples Republic of China, these teachers, headmasters, and educational researchers have attended classes, and visited schools throughout the five boroughs.

A Humanistic Learning Experience
The Mount has prepared for the Ministry of Public Health office in Thailand a short course on humanistic nursing inquiry and human-centered caring models. This three-week program emphasizes the process of reflection, self-discovery, and self-actualization within the context of ethically-grounded professional practice. Approximately 150 nurse educators and health care professionals have traveled from Thailand to Mount Saint Vincent’s Riverdale campus to participate in the program in recent years.

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