Executive Leadership Academy

The ANIMA Executive Leadership Academy

The College of Mount Saint Vincent partnered with Changing Our World and Soulful Impact to host the 2019 ANIMA Executive Leadership Academy, “SDG Goal Zero: ANIMAting the Common Good,” a one-day immersive seminar on Thursday, April 25, 2019.

The ANIMA Model
The ANIMA model of leadership symbolizes a truly soulful approach to the enormous privileges and responsibilities embedded in leadership. In a global, increasingly interconnected society, the leaders who create the greatest impact will be those who serve, mentor, and inspire others.

A soulful leader seeks to provide more benefits than simply profit to his or her stakeholders. A premium is placed on treating employees as co-entrepreneurs; on conservancy of the environment; on local, as well as global outreach; and on an intentional strategy for operation that serves the common good. If the leadership of an organization conducts every transaction according to the Golden Rule: treating everyone as they, themselves wish to be treated; they will achieve the fullest potential of their vocation.