Accelerated Nursing

Accelerated Nursing provides an exceptional opportunity for individuals looking to begin a new career in nursing. Individuals with bachelor’s degrees from accredited colleges or universities in fields other than nursing can earn a nursing degree in a year and a half. Students can pursue Accelerated Nursing at the Riverdale campus.

Key benefits of the program include:

  • Start the program in the fall and complete it in a year and a half
  • Study five days per week with as many as 36 hours of weekly class and clinical hours
  • Gain the same rigorous nursing education enjoyed by students in our regular undergraduate program
  • Study a curriculum that covers the full range of the profession, from health assessment and pathophysiology to maternity and leadership
  • Study with highly qualified faculty who bring extensive professional nursing experience into the classroom
  • Gain practical, real-world experience in clinicals—training at the patient’s bedside

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