Bridge Program

The Bridge Program at the College of Mount Saint Vincent offers students with various learning abilities and styles a unique, immersive college experience, combining community and campus inclusion with rich engagement in academics, career preparation, and student life. At the College, the Bridge Program is expanded to encompass not only vocational preparation but also campus and community inclusion, and opportunities for participation in campus life for every student, among the traditional college population.

The Bridge Program curriculum seeks to foster students’ self-advocacy, career exploration, social skills, and academic engagement, through participation in traditional college-level courses, the Bridge Program community classes, diverse internship experiences, experiential learning opportunities, and inclusive residential student life. The Bridge Program prepares students for successful post-graduate lives with a focused outcome on independent living and employment.

Mount Saint Vincent classes will increase independence, promote opportunities for community living and inclusion, are able to be accommodated without compromising the participants’ health and safety, and are provided to benefit the participant and the larger community.

  • The Bridge Program community classes are open to the larger community and not specific for students with disabilities
  • All Bridge Program participants are encouraged to participate in college-level courses
  • The Bridge Program community classes are not credit bearing

This highly competitive program welcomes applicants, ages 18-26, who may have previously received special education services in high school, who desire and have the ability to navigate and live on a college campus under college-level supervision, and who seek to expand their academic, career, and social enrichment as an engaged member of the Mount Saint Vincent community. Beginning in Spring 2021, all students will reside on campus in a fully inclusive, integrated residence hall with same-age peers.

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