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College of Mount Saint Vincent Expresses Support for Riverdale Community Synagogues Targeted for Attack


The College of Mount Saint Vincent was distressed by the unfortunate news of a terrorist plot targeting our neighboring Riverdale Temple and Riverdale Jewish Center. Faced with another expression of anti-semitism, the College expressed support for its neighbors.

“It is distressing to learn of the plan to attack two places of worship within our community, and the harm intended for our neighbors,” said Charles L. Flynn, Jr., President of the College. “We are one community. This apparent threat was directed against our friends.  As our colleagues of the Academy of Jewish Religion housed at Mount Saint Vincent prepare for their ordination ceremonies today, we are mindful that our common faith strengthens and unite us.  We stand together against those who seek to fracture our bond.  All of us at Mount Saint Vincent are relieved and grateful to the authorities who were able to prevent the alleged plan of attack, and for the safety of our neighbors and friends.”