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Strategic Plan

The 2022-2025 revised Strategic Plan goals and objectives were approved by the Board of Trustees on June 14, 2022.


Building on its strengths, Mount Saint Vincent aspires to be recognized among the finest, most authentically inclusive universities, rooted in the Vincentian/Setonian tradition and ecumenism, with a strong commitment to the liberal arts and professional fields of study.

Goal 1

Further enhance the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s excellent liberal arts, professional academic programs, and co-curricular programs while maintaining data-driven assessment processes to ensure success and sustainable growth.

Objectives for Goal 1:

  1. Explore and initiate new academic programs and/or revision of existing academic programs informed by market research and cost/revenue analysis performed by the Academic Innovation Team.
  2. Market and expand joint academic pathway programs with other universities (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, and engineering).
  3. Implement and promote the Center for Leadership at UMSV to better prepare students across disciplines to launch their careers through networking, internships, and professional development.
  4. Conduct a feasibility study and plan for establishing a Campus Health Center.
  5. More fully integrate the Fishlinger Center for Public Policy research into the University and continue to emphasize, support, and market faculty and student collaboration on scholarship and service activities through these programs.
  6. Assess feasibility of expanding athletic programs informed by student interest and cost-benefit analysis.
  7. Implement and market affordable, meaningful study abroad opportunities for students.

Goal 2

Maintain the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s culture of diversity, equity, and authentic inclusivity by continuing our historical emphasis on the Vincentian tradition of service, the Setonian tradition of spirituality, and the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Objectives for Goal 2:

  1. Expand the role of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee as a resource for students, faculty, and staff, about best practices to achieve an authentically diverse and inclusive campus community.
  2. Promote diversity in hiring at all levels and on the Board of Trustees, including programs designed to support students considering careers in higher education.
  3. Ensure that the University’s history as a safe place for people from all backgrounds and as a center for inclusivity and diversity is appropriately featured in all marketing materials.

Goal 3

Grow the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s traditional undergraduate, online adult, and graduate (online and in person) enrollment by leveraging the strength of existing programs and through additional diverse, high impact program offerings.

Objectives for Goal 3:

  1. Continue to evolve the traditional undergraduate enrollment management model that maintains our commitments to mission-centered inclusivity while expanding enrollment beyond historical markets and meeting targeted revenue goals.
  2. Identify and develop partnerships with other educational institutions to create pathway programs serving high school, first-time freshmen, and transfer students (e.g., dual enrollment programs with local and regional high schools and joint admission with community universities).
  3. Building on our culture of a vibrant, engaged community, enhance the overall student experience beyond the classroom for on-campus students with new/expanded programs in student activities (e.g., arts and music, research, internship and externship experiences, and service learning).
  4. Leveraging strengths of current programs, explore and implement new innovative partnerships and collaborations to expand academic programs for all types of students (undergraduate, online adult, graduate).

Goal 4

Expand awareness of the University of Mount Saint Vincent to internal and external audiences promoting academic programs as well as the transformative outcomes of our diverse student and alumni populations.

Objectives for Goal 4:

  1. Develop a comprehensive marketing campaign to expand awareness of the University among segmented and targeted audiences.
  2. Raise the profile and awareness of exceptional programs and authentic opportunities serving diverse learners, pursue the development and naming of Schools of Health Professions, Education, Business, and Adult and Professional Studies.
  3. Explore and develop new engagement and recognition opportunities for alumni and community partnerships that benefits current students (e.g., student referral programs, career development experiences, service opportunities).

Goal 5

Sustain and expand the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s financial resources for efficient and effective use for the maximum benefit of all the students it serves.

Objectives for Goal 5:

  1. Increase the number (and retention) of alumni donors and major gifts by expanding giving from various alumni constituent groups.
  2. Expand the effective use of technology throughout the University community including the move to a digital, paperless campus
  3. Plan for the impact of fluctuating enrollments on all facilities.
  4. Meet and exceed the $50 million-dollar endowment goal through bequests, gifts, capital gains, and reallocation of investment and capital resources.